Web application tester job

Hi, is that web application tester job experience will help to get a web developer job?

Not directly, I would think. But it’s better than sitting in your mom’s basement or working at the Piggly Wiggly. At least you’ll be in the field and might rub elbows with some developers. It also depends on the job, it might involve looking at some code. Do you know exactly what the job entails?

Thank you for reply! I like how you used the words! I am a mother of two kids and I want to be a web developer in the future and I thought it’s nice if I can get bit experience related to the web developer job. I am learning code through FCC when my kids are sleeping.
This is the description of the job.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
• Have knowledge of testing strategies/methodologies that can be applied in websites and web application testing.
• Comprehends the full scope of a web application or website to develop applicable and comprehensive testing procedures.
• Applies appropriate test methodologies including writing test plans, test cases, conduct manual tests and use/create automation/or tools.
• Provides feedback on cause and effect of bugs and errors in a given test situation.
• Provides clear and concise feedback on bugs, usability and other test findings/results.
• Implements a work-flow standard for the full project life-cycle.
• Distinguishes between user error and actual application bugs.
• Defines project expectations and timelines for deliverables to fellow team members.
• Monitors and maintains lab machines regularly with software updates and upgrades.
• Identify and advocate QA testing standards and processes.

Thank you!

Sounds like a meaningful gig that should get you working with developers - just keep your eye on the prize