Web application with python

how to develop web application using pytonik framework… can anyone teach or work me through to use it. thank you

are you able to write some small programs in python?

which framework? there are many python frameworks

pytonik is the name of the framework

the only thing I was finding is “pytonik means related to python”…

this seems to be the documentation of the framework, have you taken a look there?

I am new to learn web development. I have a question. Can I create frontend and backend in python?

yes i have, but i need assistance… i saw it online, but i need a work through. Thank you if you can help me put

yes you can if you know how to use pytonik web framework

Use either Django or Flask. Since you do database anyway, probably Django. (Flask is not that hard to setup, though. I personally use Flask.
For example do I need to learn python and html or is only knowing python sufficient to do this.
You will also need (client-side) Javascript. then create report you will need either Python library or Javascript library for this. and also run adhoc queries. you will need a good knowledge of either SQL or ORM.

Django is a good option and yes there is a learning curve. If you do not want to use a framework then it is completely fine, you can use python inbuilt HTTP server and build your application. But now you have to develop everything from scratch.
The framework provides us with a structured and clean way to build applications.