Web based software program or desktop application project

I want to start a new project where I can create either a web based software program or a desktop application for requesting to view stock out of a warehouse and returning it again.

I want person X to be able to submit a request for viewing stock via printing a barcode from a computer to a label printer.
The label will then be printed at dispatch who will give the label to person Y who will pick the package and bring it to dispatch. Dispatch will then scan the label so that it indicates the date, time, package number and description and the name of person Y before handing over the package to person X for viewing. This information will then be indicated on the software program in order to trace the whole process.

Person X will then have the option to either sell the package or return it back to stock.

If person X decides to return the package back to stock, he would have to hand it over back to dispatch who would have to scan the label once again to indicate that it has been returned to the warehouse, containing the same information, but instead of person Y returning the package to the original bin, I want a new person with the name of D to return the package to the original bin.

The whole process and the information must be possible to track on the system. If the package is with person X the system needs to indicate that the package is outstanding, once it is returned it must indicate returned.

My question is what is the easiest way to do this kind of project and what are the tools needed to complete it?

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what tools are you familiar with? what do you already know?

the easiest way is to divide your project in smaller units, and then focus on each unit at a time, and then put everything together

Thank you for your reply. I have been learning HTML, CSS and JS for a while now. But I want to know what will be the best language to do a project like this and will I need to have a major database for it, and if I do what language and interface will be the best to use?

if you follow the curriculum, it teaches the MERN stack, MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS
If you want to follow the curriculum, you will learn them
I have not yes experience in building a full stack up grounds up, so I can’t help much more
it is not a question of what’s better, but what you know and what you want to learn

Thank you I will take a look into it.