Web Design Certificate Issue

Hello there,

I’m having difficulties claiming my certificate once completing all challenges and uploading all projects for the Web Design Curriculum.

How do I claim my certification if the button for “Claim your certificate” is un-responsive??


I have already previously accepted the academic honestly policy and have made my settings public. All solutions compile and work as indicated by the curriculum.

freecodecamp has made claiming certificate more easy.
You don’t need to go to settings to claim.

Here work through

First, you go to main page:

Then, open up the course that you are claiming certificate (in this case, Responsive Web Design). You should see this:

Scroll down.
You will see this, if you haven’t claim the certificate (I am showing you with other course which I haven’t finished yet):

The button should be enabled if you have finished all projects.
Click on the Claim Certification button.

Welcome there,

The button is only “un-responsive” if:

  1. You have not completed the requirements to claim a certificate
  2. You are offline
  3. A browser extension has injected script which has accidentally (or purposefully :man_shrugging: ) disabled the button/requests.

Hope this helps

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