Web Design Projects - Build a Product Landing Page

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i don’t know how to do this challenge i feel like its to early for it
all what i do is copy pasting
its not helping
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Not only do you learn nothing from copy-pasting, but you can’t submit a copy-paste project for a certificate.

Sounds like your approach to learning the content is to try only to get the answers correct and not to actually understand the information you’ve been presented with :thinking: Being a beginner is frustrating, especially with programming, but you won’t get anywhere you want to be by copying and pasting. I recommend restarting the course, or at least going back over the lessons you don’t understand.

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A good way to think about the languages you’ve been learning is HTML is the structure, CSS is the style, and Javascript is the logic of your code. Since you aren’t working with Javascript, you are only working on the structure and style of the project. In this sense, you are an artist painting a canvas on a web browser. Looking at keywords, even if you are copying and pasting you should be able to get the gist of what is being asked of you. For example, what does <a><p><div><strong><em> all have in common? They’re all elements.

So when we look at the first user story, we can already get an idea of what is being asked of us:

User Story #1: My product landing page should have a header element with a corresponding id="header" .

It is looking for a header element. Following the pattern of the previous elements we looked over, we can figure out that we are asked to create a <header> element. But there’s more to it. The element should have an id of “header”… If we put it outside of the element e.g.: id="header<header></header>", well then it’s no longer part of the element, so that tells us it must modify the element itself to look something like this <header id="header">. Now towards the end, the stories do get a bit more complicated, but this should start you on the path of figuring out how to complete each story.

thanks a lot that was helpful :slight_smile: