Web designer seeking help


I am a web designer doing visual design, front end and wordpress. Do you guys think that I cover too many areas? let me explain my situation: I have been a web designer for more than 10 years and now looking for a new full time job. I knew those skills for a while and I am not sure the skills I mentioned are good enough to be a web designer now. Thanks.


@cktai You may want to brush up on some things and maybe learn some new things. But this is all up to you. I think if you have work experience in the field it will help you when applying for other jobs. :smile:


That depends on what your goal is. What is it?

My goal is to create awesome effective solutions for small business. so I would like that I need visual and technical skills like Wordpress and front end skills to fulfill this goal.

Alright, then knowing how to handle tools for the front end and a CMS like wordpress are very valuable skills :+1:

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