Web dev and distractive work environenment?

cheers all, are here already people employed as regular (junior) developers? I am still learning, going to meetups and so on. I would like to ask you regular (junior) developers, how is your job like? I especially want to know, how much distraction there is at your work? Do you have time to get really concentrated? Or your boss and colleagues are asking you for stuff and your is constantly demanding your response? I think you can´t really do good coding, if you get distracted too much. Give me your thoughts. thx

There have been several “Describe your average day” type of posts. I think that this was the most recent. Play around with search terms in the forum.

It includes discussions like:

I work remotely these days, but, when I was on-site with my current employer, we had “deep work” time (inspired by the Cal Newport book) in the mornings from 7 to 11. This will be heavily individualized to your employer and environment. I suspect open workplaces have less opportunity to go deep, but I’ve never worked in that sort of environment.

reading that book currently! :slight_smile:
funny to see it mentioned

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