Web dev community in Norway?

Hey, i know this might be the wrong place to ask since this is an US site.
But does is there anyone, or does anyone know of a web dev / coding community in Norway?

I myself live in Norway and im looking to make myself a network with other developers and maybe collaborate on different projects to build up an portfolio or just to have fun :slight_smile:

So if anyone have any idea of this, i would really appreciate some help here, thanks!

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Try searching for your local FreeCodeCamp page in Norway.

There probably is a group already you can join with.

Hi Rokimedes,

In my country, the Netherlands, we have Fronteers (https://fronteers.nl) for Front-End Developers. It’s in Dutch of course, although there are English translations and sometimes meetups in English. You could use Chrome with Google Translate to read the site.

You might want to use it as an example if you can’t find an existing group in Norway and start your own.

Also, you could become a member of Smashing Magazine. They are based in Freyburg, Germany. https://www.smashingmagazine.com/membership

And the Wordpress community in many countries offers interesting meetups and interesting people. https://nb.wordpress.org

All three of them have groups on Slack, but the Fronteers one is in Dutch with just a small part in English.

Hey Joke and thanks for the advice.

It seems like the community in Norway is quite small and only excists in Trondheim and Oslo, quite far from here so might end up just trying to make my own if possible.

I know up here (Tromsø) there isnt much of a developer community and i know it might be hard to find a job up here, but my goals is to start my own company and hopefully be able to work here up north.

I am already a member of a FCC facebook group that is located for Trondheim (16 hours from here), so i might just have to make one that can be closer to me. And hopefully there are some active users here that are from my area.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

You might look for remote jobs as well. See another of my posts: Part-Time Work for a Struggling College Student

And if you look for more info on remote work, try websites/organisations dedicated to women in code. Many women in code want to work from home so they can mix the care for the kids with their work. You could work from home with your own business as well.

Well the woman for code part might not be fore me since im not a woman :stuck_out_tongue: but thanks again for the advice :smiley: would be nice to have some remote work to maintain my skill and see if it its worth something for other people :slight_smile:


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