Web developer portfolio and privacy concerns

Hello! Was hoping this would be a good place to ask this question. I think I’m ready to have a live version of my portfolio up for review. But I’m very nervous especially with my resume and info being publicly available. Things such as my full name, email, phone number etc.

Any recommendations on alleviating these concerns? Maybe password protecting the site if that’s not too odd? Or am I just being too paranoid here?

Maybe don’t put your phone number on there. But otherwise, isn’t the point of a portfolio to get interested people to contact you?

Thank you for the response. My understanding is that people don’t find jobs by employers just randomly coming across your portfolio (unless you are well known and networked I guess).

I thought the point of portfolios is to show what you can do when applying for jobs? Not necessarily a way for random business to come across your site.

Honestly I might just have to get over it. The phone number is what I’m more concerned with I guess, and if that’s not terribly important I’ll just go without it.

Mh, as far as i know a portfolio is used to show your work^^
You can put the link to your portfolio on your resume, so you can avoid doing the opposite :slight_smile:
The guys you’ll send your resume to will see also your portfolio, the ‘casual visitors’ will see just your work ^^

That’s a good point about the link on a resume. Thank you.

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