Web developer roadmap/my experience

Hey guys, it has been 9 months since I landed my first JS/React dev job(and I am still working there :slight_smile:
So I decided to start a channel where I share my experience how to become a self tought programmer.
I just uploaded first video on a web dev roadmap that I was following myself and that helped me to become a programmer at age of 34.
So if you guys are new here and wondering where to begin I think the video I made will be helpful for absolute beginners.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYm9JfxEzMY
My post on landing first job: 34 years old, studied 7 months, landed Frontend react dev job


I really like this post. It is very real, nothing comes easy

Iā€™m new to coding. Iā€™m learning from the freeCodeCamp curriculum and almost there to complete the JS Data Structures and Algorithms certification. My question is, should i learn DOM Manipulation after that certification or go to frontend libraries? please answer,

Congrats!! I am very inspired by your story and you gave me new motivation! Do you have any recommendations on courses on Udemy? Which courses did you choose to help you on your path?