Web developer websites and traffic

Hello I jus wonder how many if any, make it on their own via remote jobs or run their own websites and
tries to provide some value?
I had this 3 years now of studying web dev… I feel like there is always new stuff to learn.
Also perfecting the art to make great websites.
Cheers don

Hi @donjon, welcome back to the forums!

A lot of people out there freelance full time, sites like upwork, fiverr and freelancer are filled with them.

There are also people who build their own indie businesses (LIKE FREECODECAMP! :smile: ) sites like indiehackers are places where those people get help, feedback, support.

I personally know some people who work remotely, and I work from home from time to time aswell, since my commute kinda sucks haha.

I personally am not one of those people that freelance, I’m more of a front-line grunt that gets paid to get my hands dirty day in and day out. I’m on a small team so we all get to wear many hats, which is great for learning, but requires getting into a lot of different things.

There’s always more to learn, so being able to understand whats out there, and at least be able to kinda guage were you stand with all the knowledge is important. I usually say its better to know what you know, rather than trying to know everything.

For example, I’m not very good at design or UI in general, I know my limits. I focus on other aspects of a project like the logic, testing, ops, etc. I’ve always lacked the “arts” skills, but that’s just me :smile: