Web Development for beginners

Hello guys, im starting to learn web development today and im looking for a study group also in the same beginner level with me so we can set goals and deliver every week.

Anyone here also just starting out?

How active can you be? what languagses do you learn? what is your skill level at the moment?

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Well im ready to put in 15-20 hours per week and i can even go more if i have the chance.

Im totally new to programming, i had some HTML and CSS classes on W3schools and udemy for 2 weeks. And i enjoyed it very much

I will say i understand the very basic foundation of HTML and CSS

But in General i am a total beginner.

Whats your skill level tho, we can work out a plan or curriculum

Boa noite pegando seu gancho também gostaria de um desafio assim vejo que meus conhecimentos sao parecidos com o seu então poderíamos ta evoluindo juntos.
se conseguir alguma coisa da um toque para ver se consigo me encaixar também

I’m not completely new (been flirting a year off and on with it like a casual hobby) but I’ve been trying to find some people I can collab with, study with and work with seriously. It helped me so much in college for classes (non computer) and I know it’ll help me learn how to be a coder fr. I’m done if you’re serious about it.

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Oh wow, this is good news. Lets do this, i think we need to have a private chat so we can plan properly.

Whats your email?

also just started…looking for collab

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This amazing, lets do this, Please send me your email address privately, i will come up with something.