Web host recommendations

Does anyone have any recommendations for web hosts? My current web host has started giving me a lot of grief trying to move me to a different plan. (hostpapa)
I breached the limit for iNodes but even after fixing that they still want me to move to a different plan. I’m just fed up now.

I have used hostgator in the past and never had any issues with them. Anyone have any other suggestions?

It depends on what your project is built on. For free plans I recommend Netlify, also digital ocean, namecheap are other alternatives.

If you’re after something more managed, where you’re just given some bandwidth, disk space, and a cPanel login, a host like HostGator, InMotion, BlueHost, etc. is your best best. Those three are big names in the industry, so you’re safe with them as far as consistency goes. Whether their services are really any good or not, I can’t really attest.

Depending on what you’re hosting, you could potentially go with a solution like Netlify, as @shimphillip referenced. I love Netlify, and use it for all of my Gatsby deploys. But it’s not appropriate for everything; and if you aren’t making use of its strengths (such as continuous deployment), you’re going to be swimming upstream on it.

Digital Ocean is also a great option. But you’re going to be managing your server at that point. It’s cloud computing, where you spin up a distro and go from there. They do provide images that are premade for common deployments (WordPress, cPanel, Node.js, etc.). But again, you’re managing the server at that point. With greater flexibility comes greater responsibility.