Web hosting with site builder?

Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope my question won’t look so strange here!

I’m building a website for a couple of friends and I’d planned to write the code myself but… it seems that time is short.
I won’t be able to actually write the code from scratch as I wanted to.
Plus I’m more than worried about the server side code, which I almost don’t know.

My friends just want to have at least an email account on their website and to be able to make small changes in the content from time to time (say once in a couple of months).
They want somethings that is EASY to use with no technology knowledge.

Do you have any recommendations?
I’d really appreciate any good answer :star_struck: (I’m in trouble here!).
Thank you very much!

Wix or Squarespace make this a solved problem. I’m sure there are a few other providers as well, but those two are the two biggest players. WordPress if you want something that’s text content but a bit more customizable.

Only other thing to do is make sure they actually need a website; is it unnecessary effort, would FB + similar be enough.

Note that the aforementioned services + social media have wiped out most of the need to create the type of website you’re talking about.

Thank you very much @DanCouper! They work like a charm indeed. :slight_smile:

I wanted to build a website from scratch just to practice my skills actually (I think I’ll do it just for me!).
Yes, these services are great and yet the people I talked to - they want a website - don’t even know they exist or they can’t put the time/effort to create one (!).

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