Web Portfolio - Any Feedback?

Fresh out of college, took a good 1 month holiday after graduation and now trying to land a job in the coming months (hopefully by March).

Decided to impress future employer by creating my own web portfolio.

Here’s the link to it radziramli.com
For reference, here’s my first web portfolio web-portfolio-v1

*disabled resume button for awile.

Need some feedback to it especially for larger screen ie 1440p/4k. I would say I’ve fully optimized it for mobile and 1080p view.

Also, for those senior dev, would you hire me just based on the website alone? If not, do give me some tips on the things I could improve on. Thank you!

Made with : Nextjs, Ant Design.


The site looks nice, good use of tech and it works well. There are some very minor issues in my mind but nothing worth making any major changes. I’m not a senior dev so you can take my comments with a pinch of salt. I think you’ll have a job in no time.

There’s no way of navigating other than to scroll once I hit the first link

It would be nice to have more obvious links to the sites you’ve produced, maybe put them on the pictures.

No use of semantic tags to define the structure (header, main, footer etc).

If I had any disabilities I may have found the site difficult to use. It was hard to navigate without the mouse.

Otherwise, awesome!

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I did not take this into account so thanks for pointing it out! I might need to rethink some of my component such as the navbar to make it always stay on top for easier navigation or hide/show onscroll. Cheers!

I like your page!
I think that the way you use spans with the green/teal color (rgb(100, 255, 218)) intuitively feels like a link and, in fact, they might as well be! Maybe consider adding in fact a link to them because these are the things people usually would like to know more about :slight_smile:

reduce space between elements !!

hey! thanks for the input. the spacing were deliberately done so because i wanted the user to have a better focus on each section. Hence why each section is taking up the entire view port of your browser screen.

Anyway, I might adjust the height for the work experience section. cheers!

  • I think the 02. Work Experience part of the website needs a change up. Maybe make it a timeline or something. Just having it set in the middle with no background change or anything from the previous section is odd.

  • Same with the 04. Contact Info part of the website. Seems a big odd that their is no change from the previous section. Nothing seems to define it.

  • Add CSS a transition to the Grab my Resume button. Looks odd when it instantly expands.

Otherwise it is a very nice website.


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