Web project cooperation πŸ˜„

Hello !
Whell I have a problem, I have learned basic of JS, React, Node, GraphQL, TypeScript, Jest e.t.c. Now i need to do good, nice looking project which can I show to someone. Fullstack project :grinning:
Unfortunately all my designs looks like :poop:

Are you a person with a good design taste. I don’t care if you have any experience or not.
Do you have any designs which you want to make a live :rocket: or just an open head full of ideas? :exploding_head:

Let’s work together!
Don’t worry, I’m also a beginner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are few libraries of pre-made good-looking components for this kind of situations:

Thanks for your answer singo :grinning:
I know this pre-made good-looking components, there are usefull. But i want to build full functional and well designed app.