Web server access right from virtual box

hi, i am on windows and install the freecodecamp environment on a virtual box under ubuntu and all is working on it. I would like to access to the webserver from my windows. I can’t it is not working i unlocked 8000 & 3000 tcp port on the firewall on linux. I unlock the firewall on windows. Is there any restriction on webcamp web server ? With a ping on widows it is ok, i did a bridge on the virtual box.

You should probably look how to achieve networking in general between Ubuntu and Windows.

I do not think this has anything to do with the setup of freeCodeCamp for that matter.

In fact, I recommend you setup any simple http server of your choice and get that responding over the network first, and I also recommend looking this up on StackOverflow for a better chance of resolving.

Good luck.

tks Raisedadead :slight_smile: I installed a small http server (npm http-server) and all is working not any pb, i can access to the web server on windows with chrome. So it looks like a pb to access to freeCodeCamp Server. It is working in local with firefox but not on my windows !

Finally I stopped to try to install freecodecamp on a virtual box after a crash of ubuntu ! I install ubuntu on a dusty old PC and all is working very well and it is quicker than a virtual box. tks see u