Web3-curriculum not running

Hello there,

I followed the steps mentioned here: freeCodeCamp's Web3 Curriculum Open Beta – And How to Run it

however, after step 3 I get stuck. I can’t seem to run the >freeCodeCamp: Run Course because VS Code says “no matching commands”.

Any Idea of why this could be the case?
I cloned the repo in my user folder (default folder when opening the terminal) and just followed the steps

  1. cloned the repo
  2. cd web3-curriculum to move to directory
  3. code .
  4. cmd + shift + p → Remote-Containers: Rebuild Container and Reopen in Container
  5. waited and then tried running the freeCodeCamp: Run Course command and here i encouter the problem

any help?

should I clean everything and start from zero?
if so… how? :smiley:

Thank you for your precious time fellow devs, luv ya

Welcome there,

A couple others have encountered this issue: [BUG]: Run Course Yields Error · Issue #65 · freeCodeCamp/web3-curriculum · GitHub

You can see my suggestions here: [BUG]: Run Course Yields Error · Issue #65 · freeCodeCamp/web3-curriculum · GitHub

I cannot reproduce any issue.

The author of the above linked issue found the issue was the way they installed VSCode onto their machine. Is this the case for yourself as well? https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/web3-curriculum/issues/65#issuecomment-1266879250

I’m the author myself :heart:

I’ll leave this here for SEO reasons, maybe someone can benefit from the links you shared :slight_smile: thanks again for your great work buddy

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