Webassembly SEO

How does Webassembly affect SEO on a mobile site, or web site? I want to build a site in Webassembly to make the site faster, particularly on mobile. Just not sure how Google ranks Webassembly sites.

Google needs a page written in HTML to crawl. It always has. So if you generate your page every time a user visits, then either cache the current version like wordpress (for a frequently updated site). Or have a static page extra just for spiders. Wordpress, Flash sites, and javascript sites have always had this problem. Lots of big sites have a normal HTML page that the public can see, but the stuff behind the login page isn’t crawled it’s members only and then that is optimized or created each visit.

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Thanks. That’s really interesting, so Google is one of the main influencers/funders/evangelizers of Webassembly, yet their own search engine doesn’t rank it. Albeit wasm is still in the early stages.

“SEO 2019” by Adam Clarke has a section titled ‘Readability: The future of SEO’, yet Google is promoting wasm, and assembly machine code is not very readable IMHO. I guess I could create a lite homepage and use wasm for the heavy lifting.

Does it matter if the extra static page for spiders is the homepage?

Just the pages you want crawled. Use a xml sitemap. The part I never understood was how to set the server (the part left out of the tutorials back then) so my visitors would go to the dynamic page instead of the one for spiders since I didn’t want to use a caching plugin.

@zer0C001 Optimization is usually just for the slowest parts of something.

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C001, appreciate the help.

This is a difficult question, because Google almost every day makes some updates to the ranking system and it is confusing. My cousin has had his own website for quite a long time and tries to promote it regularly.