Hi did a search and couldn’t find a thread on WEBCOMPONENTS.

Maybe we could start a thread here? I’m trying to understand webcomponents and polymer.
I tried to use it in one of my projects. Unfortunately it only works flawlessly on chrome. It’s buggy on firefox and totally useless on internet explorer at least for me. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

when I use the

link rel=“import” href=

to the component html’s it all works on chrome (I guess since chrome already supports webcomponents natively).

but when I use webcomponents.js or -lite.min.js or min.js… for backwards compatibility with other browsers… the results are inconsistent or rather blank.

for firefox… some webcomponents work when I enable dom.webcomponents (set to true) in firefox’s about:config settings but in general the polymer components don’t work… any help would be most appreciated.

Good references would also be great. Thanks and more power to the forums!

To start here are a few introductory videos I found on you tube for those who like me are still trying to learn or even understand it.

and more detailed use for polymer.

The actual sites for webcomponents and polymer: