Webdesign certificate feedback

Just finished all the projects for the webdesign certificate and could really use some feedback on them.

Portfolio: https://codepen.io/rdieleman/full/eyxOXj

Tribute page: https://codepen.io/rdieleman/full/XVPQEY
Survey form: https://codepen.io/rdieleman/full/WyXpWa
Documentation page: https://codepen.io/rdieleman/full/QxxMBj
Landing page: https://codepen.io/rdieleman/full/qKxyEm

I really appreciate the feedback!

For surbey form you can use hidden="" value in input to hide first element. This is come from now but looks good all.

Tribute page: the link text “here” is generic; it should be more specific, e.g., “his Wikipedia page”

Survey form: the ‘submit’ button is so pale it doesn’t look clickable to me

Doc page: looks good

Landing page: the buttons (‘runtastic,’ ‘premium,’ etc.) aren’t clickable

Those are all just minor quibbles. I couldn’t find anything else that stood out. I’m on a laptop, so my viewport is very large. Good work!

Thanks, didn’t know that.
That definitely looks better.

Thanks for that feedback!
I adjusted the things mentioned.
Not too sure about the links not being clickable though, because for me they are. I will look into that later when I have some more time.