Webpage works locally and in some browsers, but not in others

I recently added some of my FCC projects to my website, but I have run into an issue. For some reason my calculator app works in some browsers (Android internet, IE, locally) but not others (Chrome, Brave). Has anybody else run into this? My other projects don’t seem to have this issue.

What is the link to your website?

carleweibel.com/JSCalc/index2.html (I created the index2 to experiment and try to figure this situation out)

56 PM

There might be an encoding issue. I’m not sure what’s up with those characters. I just tried your site in Chrome and it worked, though.

When you tested in Chrome, what kind of problems did you see? I have been testing it out, but so far no issues and I am using Chrome on Windows 10.

I’m glad to hear Chrome is working for other people. Could be an issue with my computer.

Just tested Chrome and Brave on my computer and they appear to be working. Not sure what was going on earlier, but it may have been resolved.