Webpages for friends - CMS or completely custom built?

I have a little HTML/CSS experience by now, and have done a bit of Wordpress work for different smaller societies & organisations.

I am following the curriculum here on FCC, and would love to do some real-world projects for friends, like they discuss doing in the latest episode of the FCC-podcast. But I’m not confident my skills are up to it, yet, since my HTML/CSS skills are so relatively basic. I am currently building the Ferris Wheel in the FCC curriculum.

But then I got confused when I heard the podcasters refer to Wordpress as their preferred tool for those jobs. - Like, is it really enough to say on your resume that you do frontend, and just having make the work in a CMS like Wordpress, maybe with some customization? I thought I had to be able to build both frontend and backend before I got to work for others.

Does anybody on here have perspectives and experience with this issue?


Some companies might be hiring you with front end skills only plus using a CMS or Firebase ( Backend as a Service). It’s also enough for pet projects, and if you want to freelance as a one-developer-business, your clients don’t care as long as everything meets their wishes and works.

If you would like to work in the industry, the trend goes to generalists. Yes, there are still front end and backend job listings, but I can tell you from experience you are never purely working at just one end of the app. Especially if someone drops out of the team from one day to the next or deadlines are looming.

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Most frontend jobs won’t be asking for wordpress skills. Most will be asking for React/TypeScript and associated tools, a few will ask for similar frameworks like Vue

A wordpress developer would be a different career path, and would involve using html, css, JavaScript and php

I doubt there are many frontend only Wordpress developer jobs… and if there are I can’t imagine they pay well

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