Website before portfolio - Pre-portfolio project

Hi all,
because I don’t have enough projects and experience yet, I decided to create my pre-portfolio website.
Please check it and let me know if anything should be changed.

I’m also new on hosting field - can you guys help me how to change my address from to just ? ----- My provider is hostgator.

Thank you for your time and I’m waiting for your feedback


It’s a good and sleek site.
The ‘Click here to check my goals’ link takes us to a trello board, and I personally believe that the contents there are too personal to be displayed on your portfolio.
You might want to create a new board and have only Development related content there.
Also, your second link ‘or here to view my progress’ takes us to your activity section of freeCodeCamp forum, which I don’t understand how shows your progress.
You can link it to your freeCodeCamp profile where your completed challenges are available on display.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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You’ re right. Great advice - thank you. I’ll make these changes when I get to home after work. I linked my progress to activity forum, because I want to publish here all websites created by me for feedback. In time this will show my progress from first post to this fresh published. Should I use Bechance or something simmilar instead?
I know that perfect would be to create my own subpages instead of Trello and fcc, however I’d rather spend my time for learning new features. I realize how long road is in front of me:)

My advice is to remove “Future” from " Future Front-End Web Developer"
You are front-end web developer even if you do not have full time job doing it. Your website looks really good, much better than some of the people that got their first jobs. Actually I hope you got your first job already.

Also remove Widnows icon. Everyone knows how to use MS Windows. Also you can remove “Problem solver” and icon of Wordpress as these are not very convincing. You are better without it.


Your profile really shows off your background in graphic design. Love it, big fan.

Please do not revive extremely old topics. Thank you.