Website Bug? " appearing offline

I’m going through the Interactive web design cert and it keeps saying I appear online and no work of mine is being retained.

Web browser: Safri
Chrome, it won’t even let me log in.
I tried refreshing in safari and it’s not working ( that has helped me in the past.)

I get that occasionally but It comes online for me after waiting a minute and refreshing the page. Is it the same for you?
(I use chrome )

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Same happens to me when I use chrome, but hasnt happened to me when I’ve used FireFox.

I usually just close everything out and restart the browser.

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  • Clear the freeCodeCamp data from the browser storage and refresh. Sometimes it gets corrupted (I think that the investigation into this is ongoing).
  • Disable any browser extensions that you have installed. Sometimes a seemingly unrelated extension has an error that causes JavaScript failures when using freeCodeCamp.
  • If you use a VPN, turn it off. Some VPNs fail to connect to the freeCodeCamp servers.
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