Website changed? video help gone?

Where has the video help gone? the older web design was much better, It seems like the website has changed, progress also has vanished, what is going on? it is impossible to pass certain stages for me without the videos.

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The new Responsive Web Design curriculum content has been released.


  1. Can I complete the old content?
  • Yes. The old content is still available, and has been moved to the bottom of the curriculum map and renamed to Responsive Web Design Legacy
  1. What will happen to my progress?
  • Nothing. Your past progress will still be available in the Responsive Web Design Legacy curricula
  1. Can I claim the old certificate?
  • The certifications are exactly the same. All you need to claim a certificate is to complete the 5 Certification Projects which are identical for both the Responsive Web Design and Responsive Web Design Legacy curricula
  1. Should I stop doing the legacy content, and just start over with the new content?
  • This is entirely up to you. Majority of the topics are the same - just taught in a different way. (See Project-Based Curricula)
  1. How do I use the new editor?
  • The new editor is as close to an external text editor as we wanted to get it. If the files for the challenge have been enabled, you can access the index.html and styles.css tabs which you should use for the respective code.
  • Two main differences between this editor and other online editors:
    • You need to link your styles.css file to your HTML (just like you would in real web-development), by adding the following line to the head of your HTML:
<link href="styles.css" />
    • You are encouraged to include the DOCTYPE, html, head and body tags for each project.
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Canned response and I don’t think it addressed the point. In the new curriculum, there are now gaps of knowledge that are almost impossible to get through without cheating and looking at the next step in the lesson to see if it is there. An example of this is Step 41 of “Learn HTML forms by building a registration form”. The method being used in CSS to NOT apply a style to the last fieldset is not covered at all up to this point and the learner is left looking at the answer in the next step. I’m a new user and I started with the new curriculum but I am now starting to feel like I need to revert back to the legacy version because I am getting frustrated with the gaps.

The canned reply answered what happened with the website changes and progress.

The videos have been out of date for quite some time and have been slowly removed. They aren’t coming back. Copying what a video tells you to write isn’t terribly different for learning from copying the answer written out anyways.

If you need to copy the answers, that’s probably an indication that you should ask more questions. The Ask for Help button will be back soon. It is wrapping up some small adjustments in review right now.

Re the not, I think the order got a bit messed up here:

I created an issue for this misordering.

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