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Wondering how to design a website.

Please tell me people which platform is better to design a creative website,
a python platform or HTML, JAva Coding website & WordPress
Which would be a better option?

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That is a very broad question - websites can be made in many different ways.

You could start reading freeCodeCamp to start off with:

And using freeCodeCamp is also one possible route to create a website.

To be honest I don’t fully understand this question.

Start with HTML and CSS, Then move to JavaScript for more responsiveness is my suggestion

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Very good suggestion buddy :v:

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You say you want to “design” a website. Are you only interested in the design process, or do you also want to write the code yourself?

If you’re focussed on design, I’d look into Wordpress or other services that allow you to build a website without actually writing HTML/CSS/JS.

If you want to learn how to build a website from scratch, the freeCodeCamp curriculum is a good point to start.

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Personally, I started off with HTML and a little bit of CSS, and it got me a long way. I would definitely recommend starting there because even a little knowledge of HTML could be beneficial for you in the future for various uses.

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Very well said :v:


Stick to this and HAPPY CODING !!

There is no “better” option. There are “mainstream” and “less mainstream” options. Mainstream are above all WordPress. Then PHP, Python, Node etc. The first choice you have to do is if you should use a CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Wix etc) OR build it by yourself.