Website dosen't respons

preview window do not show any thing and when i tried to click on check your code nothing happen
i clreard cach and try another browser but same problem
any solution

Can you post the link to the page here?

The image isnt enough to see the problem.

woah! I’m also having this problem. please help us

If the page doesnt show there must be a problem with the code at first.

Can you post the code and the link here so everyone can see.

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you can’t use the assignment operator inside objects

Could you please clarify

i think the problem in website our broswer but anyway here below link and code

const weapons = [
name = “stick”,
power = 5
name = “dagger”,
power = 30
name = “claw hammer”,
power = 50
name = “sword”,
power = 100

i changed the langauge and after that reteruned back to english page worked

this solution do not work with all pages but till moment do not fix the prorblem with only one page

You don’t see anything in the preview because your code has syntax errors that cause JavaScript to crash.

@ilenia told you what the specific error in your code is that causes the problem.