Website for friend - feedback please!

Hi all! I’ve been working on redesigning a website for my friend’s business (he’s currently using a Wix site) as a way to practice my HTML/CSS skills, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

A couple of points to note:

Contact Us section not working yet
Terms of Service not yet updated

Website link:

Many thanks!

It looks great

My 2 cents would be that the animations could be smoother.
The our portfolio react like a button but do not take my anywhere.
The form section also reacts as a button as in it gets pushed down every time you click on a different section of the form.

Other than that good job. That is a lot of hard work.

Thanks zootechdrum, useful comments! When you say animations, are you referring to the grey ‘curtain raise’ when you load some of the screens? If so, any advice on how to make them smoother (pretty new to animations)? Noted on the form, I’ll look to change that. For the portfolio, the links do actually work, but they only work at the moment on the text, not the picture; someone else pointed that out so will get it amended.

Thanks again!

I think it looks pretty great too… the only thing I guess would be the pop out effect you have…maybe make it a bit more subtle? Just enough movement to be interesting but not so much to be distracting?

I think also that nearly everything animates when Im moving my mouse around might be a but much. Like, perhaps on the inner pages, to let the gallery of pictures and information boxes sit still? Maybe keep the fading to black background effect, but not the pop out effect?

Thanks cndragn, appreciate your comments! I’ll see if I can make a bit more subtle, probably got a bit carried away having recently learnt to make things move :grimacing:

Take off scrolling logo and footer.

Since this is a commercial site, you’ll need to consider the path on which you’re taking the visitor. Say he’s visiting your friend’s website for the first time.

  • What is the most compelling thing he’s seeing and where he’s most likely going to go?
  • Is he going to click anywhere at all, or are there too many distractions that’ll make him leave immediately?
  • Are the most important elements of the site more compelling to look at than ones that aren’t as important?

Don’t assume visitors will go to portfolio/investing section first because it logically makes sense. Lead them there by hand, if anyone gets too bored or distracted, they’re probably going to leave. Right now there are many elements on the page that look very similar.

As far as actual design goes, you’re doing a good job. There are spots where text has to be made more visible due to background images and you’re doing that well. You’re also being very consistent which is great.

I’d work on responsivity a bit, specifically the menu. Since you have lots subcategories, I recommend doing something like has, here’s a screen: or you can check their site and see it from on a small resolution, that’ll give you a better feel for what I have in mind.

Thanks Gigusek, that’s very useful feedback. The idea of the scrolling logo was to always keep it in view of the user, i.e. to promote the brand, but I’ve also been unconvinced whether it works or not. Others have also mentioned the menu on smaller screens so I’ll look at revising that; the style you proposed seems like a good option though it might be a good test to see if i can work out how!

Thanks for the comments on the design, I don’t consider myself a designer but it is something I’m keen to learn more so good to hear it comes across well. I’ll have a think about how I can make it more intuitive to the user.


I figured that could be your reason for keeping the logo up there, but as you noticed yourself, it doesn’t really fit in there. You can always place the logo inside the navbar and keep it there when you scroll down :slight_smile: