Website isn't approving exercises unless I disable password manager

When I tried to solve the first exercise on the responsive web design course, the website kept marking me wrong for some reason, telling me there was an extension modifying the page. After some testing I found out that the problematic extension was Bitwarden, a password manager. But Bitwarden shouldn’t interfere with any site since it doesn’t modify them in any way, the only thing it does is check which website you are and provide you with any username/passwords you might have saved for that site, so why does FreeCodeCamp have a problem with it ?

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I have had no issues completing any challenges with Bitwarden installed/enabled.

Where are you seeing this? We have a note visible to all Campers at the top of the Responsive Web Design page, but it does not “tell” you there is an extension doing so - it just tells you extensions have been known to cause test failures.

Unless you explicitly set Bitwarden to not inject scripts onto a page, it automatically does. You can see the scripts it injects here:

Hope this helps


I had the same issue today. If you are using Firefox, I think that may be more of the issue.
I sent them a report, and now everything is working with my bitwarden not being any problem.
But, it was this morning and I had to disable it.

Just wanted to let you know you were not alone with the issue.

I had never had any issue before today with it.

Happy coding!

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