Website marketing strategies

If I create a website and want it to top, compete with other giants in my target industry, or reach as much clientele as possible. How do I do it? What avenues do I employ to advertise the website?

Target market: At least 10% of youths in the US, UK, and Australia

A target market is something like “first time car buyers under 25 who live in cities”, not “the US, UK and Australia”. The latter isn’t a target market, it’s just a hugely disparate group of ~418 million people

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You should take a look at SEO (search engine optimization) courses.
Coursera has quite a few of them, as well as a specialization that group 6 of them:

  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals
  • Optimizing a Website for Search
  • Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies
  • Website Optimization Client Report Project

I haven’t tried the course myself but the reviews seem very positive. The lowest average score is 4.5/5.0.

Generally, specialization in Coursera are not free, but the single courses, if you manage to find them, can be audited without spending a cent (or whatever is the lowest coin where you live :stuck_out_tongue:).
But be aware that by auditing you won’t receive a certificate nor you’ll be able to do the end of the week projects.


Thank you for the insights :slight_smile:

you pay google for it

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I’ve actually completed all 6 of the SEO courses on Coursera that @simonebogni mentioned and they’re very good, you get a lot of useful information and there are a bunch of projects to help you get some independent practice. However, SEO is just one part of digital marketing, so you might also want to explore SEM (search engine marketing, which is basically paid advertising on search engines), and even social media as an additional channel of website/product/content promotion.

And one more thing. As @DanCouper hinted, you don’t want ‘as much clientele as possible’. What you want is as many converting clients, meaning that people who land on your site actually do what you want them to do (buy your product, read and share your content, subscribe to your podcast, or whatever else your aim is). Defining your target audience, figuring out what they search for and what they expect to find on your website once they’re there should be your first step.

One more thing that you should be aware of in case you’re not already - domain authority is a huge ranking metric on search engines and it pretty much depends on how many other websites and which ones link to yours (this is extremely hard to manipulate, so don’t even bother trying). The point is - it might be veeeery tough to compete with ‘other giants’ in your target industry, if not impossible. I don’t mean to discourage you, but it’ll take a huge effort! :slight_smile:

I do agree, it helps. I can tell this from my practice. But anyway it is hard to do it by yourself. Try to find cheap and good marketing service :slight_smile:

You have to start SEO of your website with On-Page SEO + Off-Page SEO.

This is the only marketing technique to compete with your competitors in Google Ranking.