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Hi everyone,

I just want to ask for a feedback for my Portfolio and Github. I have been studying programming online through Udemy and FCC since January 2018. I will be graduating this August and preparing myself to look for a development job in Canada after I graduate.

Resume: JordanZResume

Thank you in advance for the feedback guys.

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I’d recommend putting header (e.g. “To-Do List”) above the image, with the extra text below, and perhaps using some extra whitespace between the different projects. The icons for the technologies used are also kind of large, maybe scale them down a tad. Finally, I suggest having the “launch” buttons open the project in a separate window.

Otherwise a very nice looking page.

I see someone knows Colt.

I recommend opening the projects on a new tab.
Give your content negative space as well(white space that separates content appropriately).

Also, your “resume” is not an actual resume. Head on Google and search how to make a resume.

Nice work and happy coding!