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Hi, I was wanting to get some feedback on my website project Ive been working on. It uses React, Babel, Express, Node, and Webpack (ontop of just html,css,js). Ill link the github below. Im looking for feed back on the UI, UX, code, architecture, etc

To Start:
-node server.js

Should not push node modules folder to the repo (it should be in your gitignore)

You pushed the dist folder which isn’t what people want to see, that is for production builds

Try to reduce code by reusing functions so there’s less rewriting code

Please deploy the site. You can do it for free on Vercel, Netlify and Github itself. You will get much more responses this way.

A very easy way that I use for many of my projects is manual deployment on Netlify. You just have to drag and drop the dist folder and the site is online fast if the deployment had no errors.

Added development branch for dev mode

I fixed the first two and am working on reusing functions

sounds good im working on getting it to work on vercel and will add link when done

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previous link didnt work
updated link:

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