Website templates

Will they be he future?

Most small business are not looking for anything grand, nor can they afford it.

Look at these templates:

All that is left is to hire someone to make a storefront or something work behind the scenes and it is good. Sometimes there is even courses for free on that also.

Some of these can cost you $50 - $75 with online courses included, and for a small business owner looking for a professional website will find this as a gold mine.

No need to trust a random freelancer when you can look up a professionals work and know what your getting.

A small coffee shop isn’t going to be looking for anything over the top, all they need is a image to display their menu, post their location, do some fancy imaging to this template and they are done. Also the fact that you can build your own with sites like Wix.

Microsoft won’t use this, but when most startups fail, it can help to get a good looking website for a cheap price.

Template sites have been around for 10-15 years. This is nothing new.

I am not sure what the point of your post is other than advertising a bunch of commercial sites which I have edited and removed.

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I wasn’t advertising? I was showing off what you can buy cheaply online or make your own in a matter of a couple minutes with all these website editors. This is to show what is possible without knowing HTML/ CSS or even looking for a freelancer.

Do you think in the future instead freelancers working for consumers directly, we will be making templates for major companies only?

No. When someone buys one of those templates, there is always something they want to tweak or change before launching the site. Also, people like to keep their site looking “fresh” and make will want to make slight changes to the design/layout. If they don’t understand html or css, then they will need to hire a small development firm or freelancer to make those changes.

From my experience, even though an end user may be able to make changes using those online editors, to do more complex changes involves a whole lot of reading technical online manuals which they do not have the time or understanding of how to accomplish. They may even need a consultant to explain how to use the online editor.

I have used one of the demo editors and they are easy. You can drag and drop entire sections and their is no shortage of them. On top of that their is also free courses out their provided by these websites on how to set up the website itself.

It doesn’t require much html training to edit the template and text. It also could be a template for the editors themself, so you can easily edit them.

What is your technical background? If you already understand how to create websites without using editors, they will appear “easy”.

It is all about time. Some people don’t have the time to sit and go through free courses. They value their time more than money and are willing to pay others who already know how to do something.