Website uploaded through bluehost has all different size fonts in footer (in mobile)

For some reason my first bluehost site I created is resizing footer text differently on my mobile phone on each page. I have set all footers paragraph fonts to be sized at 130%, but some are big and some are small. Any suggestions?

Website in progress:

Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?

It works fine on code pen, but the resizing doesn’t seem to be working for bluehost

If you need to view the code I’ll attach all the code pen files below as well:

Home page:
About page:
Gallery page:
Registration page:

I am wondering if this is because bluehost perhaps doesn’t support everything I’m using or something? I noticed it didn’t recognize my CSS for the HTML’s scrolling behavior as well. This does work fine on mobile in codepen though!

The issue is the CSS is different for the bluehost vs. your Codepen version.

The culprit is the footer p selector.

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I see, what would I need to do differently to be able to select the paragraph inside the footer? I’ve never heard of another way to select a specific area.

You just need to use the same code you have in your Codepen version. That is all.

The codes are identical, but bluehost is still only working on desktop.

You gave me a url earlier for the actual site hosted on bluehost. Go to the source code of the style.css file on that site and you will see different CSS for the footer p.

You are referencing a different URL in your last screenshot.

Isn’t this the source code section? I opened style.css and its exactly the same as my codepen. I exported the codepen file from their website and transferred it here.

I know nothing about Wordpress. I am just telling you that if you look at the code in file located at (the one referenced by all the pages in, the style for footer p is different than what your Codepen has.

EDIT: After I cleared the cache for that site and refreshed the page, the newer CSS now shows and the page formats as it does in your Codepen. You just need to clear the cache for the site.

It seems like all the desktop pages have synced text in the footers now, but I think all the text is too large on mobile. It isn’t resizing with VW as a size option for some reason. Also, am I posting these files into wordpress? I thought this was just where I would upload my files that I created to make them display a website. If so, how would I host my website without using wordpress?

Ok, so I tried fully removing the entire footer P tag and it literally changed nothing in my bluehost file? Is it possible that another tag is taking priority ?

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