Weebly ad removal

I have this website’s code:

I wanted to remove the footer showed in the picture.
I found these lines in the code but everytime i remove them the website doesn’t work

work completely.


Its been a while of me trying to figure it out.

Pay weebly?

Or use a genuinely free service / write your own webpage and host it somewhere for free, like GitHub Pages.


I think that most free offerings are going to include the service’s branding somewhere. App development companies do it (‘Powered by…’), so expect the same from a site builder. If it’s not an explicit ad, it could be part of the URL, either way, ads are being displayed.

Attempting to remove such branding could result in your site being deleted without warning for any breach of the terms and conditions associated with free services.
I think the best thing to do is try to avoid free services like that and code and host your own stuff, or pay. Hosting is very cheap if you stay away from those unlimited packages and buy the space you need; that is until you have gigs of files to serve.

Weebly’s pricing shows there will be Weebly branding on a free site:

I agree.
What are the ways to remove it from the code though?

@JacksonBates already told you that.
Sorry to say, you’ll have to pay at least £4 per month to Weebly. I pay $18.84 USD per year to my host.

I expect that the ‘ad’ is a server-side script that you cannot access. Your site may be contained in a wrapper that Weebly controls. I suppose it’s similar to you putting another website into an iframe, and that site’s webmaster has no control over what you put around it.

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Pay Weebly the service and they’ll remove the branding. There’s no way around it without breaching their contract between you and them.