Weekly project challenge

Hello, freecodecampers.

Note: This was made for frontend developers only.

When learning to code on your own it’s really easy to get demotivated, stuck, distracted, you don’t know what to do next and you give up! I’ve been there myself and I believe I still am.

People tend to do what others do, I believe university and bootcamps works because everyone is studying and doing their work, students watch each other and do what everyone is doing, study.

But what can we, people who are teaching ourselfes to code do about this? I came up with the idea to create a discord server for frontend developers to build weekly projects, everyone will build a project each week and share it with the rest and we will together vote for top three best projects.

I believe this method will start a competition between each other and keep us motivated to do code. We will see others working on their projects and we will start working on ours as well.

Lets give it a go!

Discord link - https://discord.gg/q9Dvgr5

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