Weird button behaviour

ok that is the second time this happens to me
Buttons are not clickable anymore…I don’t know if it si something related to my browser/connection or if I made any mistake
this is the link

thanks :slight_smile:

They’re clickable to me but if you want to make sure they’re clickable,
Try using :active pseudo-class on your button
Like so:

button:active {
  background-color: blue; //The button will have a blue background color once it's clicked

You can read more about :active pseudo-class here

I found out that they become non clickable if i set
button {
border: none;

however I found some projects where border was set to one and buttons were clickable
so, which css rule can I set in order to have a clickable button but with no border?

I think border: none; is what you’re looking for. (unless I’m missing something)

yes, but as i stated earlier, if i set border: none, the button becomes unclickable :frowning:

CSS only changes appearance, it has no impact on the button’s functionality.

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try this

it become unclickable with
button {
border: none;

I don’t know what you mean by unclickable? I think you are conflating the visuals with what is actually happening.

const buttons = document.querySelectorAll("button");

buttons.forEach((btn) => {
  btn.addEventListener("click", ({ target }) => {

ok, honestly I had not tried the functionality because just visually I cannot accept that :frowning:
si, I suppose that the only way to get rid of the border and visually have something that simulates the clicking is by adding a pseudo-class, correct?

Yes, you can apply whatever styles you want to the active state of the button.

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