Weird that I'm not passing #4. Markdown Parser Project

Dunno why I’m not passing Story#4

Here’s my link: Markdown Previewer

Warning: Ugly site.

Apologies… figured it out. will edit with results when done.

I seem to now pass all tests. But, on the bottom part of the preview… blockquotes aren’t working. I wonder why. everything else seem to work. Oh and line breaks too don’t seem to work. I have this:

  renderer: new marked.Renderer(),
  highlight: function(code) {
    return hljs.highlightAuto(code).value;
  pedantic: false,
  gfm: true,
  breaks: true,
  sanitize: false,
  smartLists: true,
  smartypants: false,
  xhtml: false

I’m actually all good now that I passed all tests. But if I can learn these other things, why they’re not working would be an added bonus for me. :smiley:


Your link is not clickable.

Oops! thanks for letting me know. I updated it, it should work now.