Weird view cant move on?

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my Freecode camp has changed i’m in a unfamiliar format. its all white and when i complete my challenge nothing happens. it says i completed the test but nothing happens. ???

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// Setup
var myStorage = {
  "car": {
    "inside": {
      "glove box": "maps",
      "passenger seat": "crumbs"
    "outside": {
      "trunk": "jack"

var gloveBoxContents =["glovebox"]; // Change this line

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Hi @Jaypz61

Have you tried replacing “glovebox” in your line of code with “glove box” as specified in the object?

that def worked thank you.

any word on the format im looking at any chance it goes back.

No idea on that one i’m afraid.

Maybe try posting a screenshot of what you’re seeing in a new thread?