Weired indent in my background for tribute page

the indent is next to my blockquote on the left side

Hi papageg,

The dent is part of the blockquote element. It is contrasting against you grey background. If you put some padding arount it you will see the indent line more clearly. check out the following article.

I hope this helps.


i have tried everything seems to stay indented.

Try using the html “q” tag instead and use CSS to format it the way you want it to be displayed.

You might want to use the bootstrap to make your page responsive as it ooks strange on a small screen:

Hope this makes a bit more sense.



I see the q tag worked a treat.

Try adding the class=“img-responsive” to your image so it looks nicer on a mobile. It is a bootstrap class so you need to ensure you have bootstrap enabled.

Final step you can update your css to make the image center.