Welcome feedback for portfolio page

Hi everyone,

My name is Kyle Price and this is my portfolio page. I am an absolute beginner with HTML/CSS so I got stuck a lot. I know I have a lot of room for improvement so I plan on continually adding to the site as I learn more. Feel free to critique, as I welcome any opportunity to improve.

Portfolio page

I think this looks great, @kprice96 ! My feedback would consist of the following:

  • While you can nest containers in Bootstrap, you should not need to. As such, I would recommend removing all the nested containers you have there.
  • Your portfolio page is your presentation to potential employers/candidates. Might there be a more grammatically correct way to ask, “Got questions?”
  • I see you’ve made all these custom classes like “port-pics”. The very point of using Bootstrap 4 is to speed up your development! Maybe look into Bootstrap’s “cards”?

Thanks for the feedback, I will look into bootstrap cards