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:confetti_ball: Welcome to Free Code Camp’s forum. :confetti_ball:
Please introduce yourself by replying to this thread with:

  • who you are
  • why you’re learning to code
  • how you’ve been learning to code so far
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AndyBuildsThings - Introduction

Hello, my name is Andy and I had started programming since I was 13 years old. I’m currently 28 years old and still programing as a hobby. I’m currently working towards turning the hobby into a career.

I’m learning to code to hopefully pursue a career into the tech industry. I’m currently a Union Journeyman Carpenter building hospitals, houses, industrial buildings, etc…

I started out learning Java and Python in the earlier days for Minecraft and creating AI bots for minecraft using python. I used a couple books and a variety of different resources to learn them. I’m now interested in learning web development and backend technologies. (MongoDB, SQL, React, Node.js, & Ruby).

Hope everyone has a great day.


Hi, I am Irfan Khattak I had started programming about 4 or 5 months ago. I’m 22 years old now, currently I’m doing bachlor of mathematical science. I want to work as a Data Scientist in a industry.
I’m learning code through youtube, Google, and afcourse freecodecamp these are very helpful platform for anyone who wants to learn how to code, how to built web page, How programming syntax works so these are really interesting things to check out.
I’ve learned so far how to mage web pages through Html and Css these are really interesting tools to built a web page.
And I’m also learning python for data science. I am a beginner I can’t do what a data scientist does but I’m learning. :blush: