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Hey everyone!
Just thought I’d post and say I’m excited to be here, and I love the learning format thus far! Thanks to @QuincyLarson for such a phenomenal job building this platform! I’ve always wanted to do coding as a career; so I’m excited to dive in and I’ll be working here full-time until all the challenges are completed.

hey this chethan

I am learning code for my job.
learning code was always fun and thank you for freecode camp to give an chance to share and know more about code

I name is Emuohwo. I somehow new in coding, with some of the basic of HTML5 and CSS. Currently, I am learning Javascript.
I have decided to code because it of the opportunity in it. The area that i really want to perfect is Javascript. I have been on it for over two months now and my goal is to be good at it.

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Vinay Kumar and I am a mechanical engineer. I learned to code in my school day using C++, I was pretty good :p. I like to code and solve the problem after completing graduation web development seem good to learn and earn by yourself. I usually do CAD design and looking for a job. I learn first using Codeacdemy, I also try Udemy and other video course but FCC is curriculum is way better to learn.

:smile: Didn’t expect reply so fast, and so direct…
…and thank you for having me… :smile:


As you can see my name is Željko, from one of small countries on Balkan peninsula, as far I can remember I was always near computers, soldering stations, monitors and televisions. For years and years.

To cut my story short, one of reasons to learn, in my case not exactly to learn, but to wrap my head around all of concepts, and to get good in it. I have wasted too much time jumping from one to next field, not staying in any for too long. This could be related to my willingness to learn new stuff, constantly.

How I tried to learn to code? Usual ways, YT, codeacademy, and here at freecodecamp. Restarted my progress too much times. :slight_smile:

And this restart is my last. We’ll see how will it go.

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I am no longer doing MeteorJS. It is great if you use there front-end framework if you try to use your own framework like angular with it. It was very buggy and poorly tested. I’m glad that FCC has updated their curriculum so it is so much better.

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Hi, my name is Julie. I’m learning to code because I want to get a job in tech. I have been using Codecademy, W3Schools, and FreeCodeCamp.

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Hello everyone, My name is Julien and I started learning web development last year. I am French and I certainly need to improve my english :wink:. See you soon !


I’m soon learning the code to start my own business as a freelancer. I worked on other people’s websites and how HTML, CSS, and computers worked for many years. This three year is a long and slow slogan with some success, but it is a good community and a place to find a place that will help you learn something already. I am starting to dive into javascript, so this is the right time to find code camps. I also gol project from Aol Shield.

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I’m Douglas.

I’m learning to code because I want to make things. CSS and Javascript apply to my job, too–so that’s a bonus–but I’m driven because there are certain Web applications that I desperately want to create, even if just for my own use.

I played with Apple Basic in the 80s, Pascal in the 90s, Object Oriented RealBasic in the '00s, and studied Swift with the Stamford YouTube course last year. In each case, I had a ton of fun, and built working prototypes for fun things. But I always stopped short–never arrived at something that could actually be polished, used by others, published or shared. I’m optimistic that the “full stack” path of freeCodeCamp will overcome that.

I’m keeping running, live notes on everything I learn on freeCodeCamp.

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Greetings, fellow travelers!

I’m Richard. I am a hobby coder learning through free online resources. It’s an indicator of my “newby-ness” that my first post on this forum asked for help accessing my FCC account. Fortunately, I don’t remember the details of that fiasco but here’s hoping my future posts will be more of a help to fellow newcomers. Happy New Year!


Hi Manny ! I’m not sure if you are still on since you posted this in 2017 you’ve probably achieved your goal by now. I’m also currently in P.R and learning code for the first time. I wondering if you know if there is an active FCC community in P.R ? - Geny

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Hello Everyone!
My name is Ant and I am a network engineer (data, voice, security) by profession, and have been in the IT field for about 10 years now. I also teach technology courses, mostly networking and systems, as an adjunct professor at a local university. I’m a guitar/bass player and singer, and have loved working with Photoshop (since v7) and photography in general so I like having creative outlets; which is one reason Web development/design is appealing to me. While working through my undergrad and graduate studies I had several programming course to include Java, Unix Shell(s), VB, and of course HTML and CSS.

As I mentioned previously one reason I am getting into Web development/design is for the creative aspects but I also hope to someday work as a freelancer on the side or work with a team on larger projects while making a little extra income. Who knows, if ever get good enough maybe a career change would be in order;)

So far I have been using Codecademy, books (the real kind you can hold in your hand:), The Oracle (Google), YouTube, and now freeCodeCamp.

Anyway I look forward to learning with and from you all and wish everyone all the best on your coding journey!


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Hi Julien!
I have lived in Europe for about 20 years now but I was not born here. I had some Web Dev and programming courses at university but as far as really learning Web development I just started about three months ago. I think your English is fine:) I look forward to seeing you on here in the future!

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Hey everyone, I’m Alphie

I liked the pretty things (Grapics/Illustrations etc) and started to learn to build websites with Webflow. After getting my head around the principles of code structure and flexbox I was keen to give the real thing a go, I dived straight into Javascript and React thinking that I could pick up HTML and CSS along the way, which thanks to the mighty glory of the web and the awesome people that share their knowledge online I did to a certain degree. I’m studying RWD at the mo but hope to progress through the certificates for a more rounded knowledge, not just the oasis of tit-bits you pick up when scouring infinite articles to get you past the wall.

Looking forward to learning with you guys!

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Thanks for these words and welcome to you :slight_smile: Happy journey to everyone through the code !

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Hello All! My name is George. I initially became interested in computer programming decades ago. While in middle school I learned BASIC and became pretty proficient in it, even winning a few programming contests. For some reason, I lost interest and pretty much dropped all things tech for several years. After careers in the military and in education, 5 years ago, I started a small remodeling company. I enjoy the work, but it got to be too physically demanding, so I shut it down a couple of months ago.
I then decided to get back into the technosphere, and I just founded a tech company. Having only a great idea and next to no current coding skills, I brought on a couple great software engineers and we are in the process of completing our app prototype.
I am here on FCC to learn as much as I can about the coding process and software development in general so I can have a better understanding of the concepts and processes involved in software development. I hope to be able to earn all of the certifications. In addition to FCC, I am also taking computer science courses on EdX.
All the duties and responsibilities of running a start-up keep me super busy, but I have set a goal to work on coding a minimum of 2 hours per day. Hopefully through FCC, I can meet some great people along the way. Cheers!

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Hello, everyone. I’m from beautiful Switzerland and an apprentice at the time of speaking.
I’m learning to code as part of my job and because it interests me. So far I have been learning everything I know by myself. I also used lots of online tutorials and books.

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Hello… how could I get a response to my project, if I can not include links into my messages?

edit: I can see now it is because of spam bots and only lasts for an hour or so.

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