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I’m Casey in Oakland with background in IT and digital art. I’m interested in comp sci and problem solving so I’ve been taking courses at my local college. I’m most comfortable with Java, but I want to learn JS too because it’s ubiquitous and probably an essential item in the toolbox.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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안녕하세요, greetings fellow coders!

My Backstory

Hi, I am Heggy. I am a UCSC-Silicon Valley student/bootcamp fellow who is learning to code. My current focus is learning all about Javascript framework. I was born in Korea, immigrated here during my middle school year knowing very little English. I picked up English by fully immersing myself to US culture and hope to repeat that with learning to code. My favorite subject in school is Mathematics especially in the area of proofs and theorems.

Coding History

My first exposure to coding is taking Java course at my university. Since then, I have worked with R, Python, Javascript, JQuery, PHP. Recently, I created my website. I began coding bootcamp with Free code camp to be a full stack engineer.

Other Interests

I like eating healthy food, exercising, drinking boba tea. You can usually find me at vegetable section in Trader Joe’s and YMCA on the weekend. I am very stoked to be part of FCC and hope to get to know you better.

hi how are you i hope you are doing well

Hello everyone! I’ve been using freecodecamp as a learning tool for over a year or so, but never really got involved with the forums. I feel I should start here. I’ve been trying to get an entry level developer job ever since I graduated a couple years back. I didn’t look for a job right away. Whenever I did, I just didn’t feel qualified for anything. I Took some time to figure out what direction I wanted to go. That’s when I started focusing on web development and using fcc as a guide. I’ve done all of the front/back end projects, and I wished I shared them as I did them so I could get constructive feedback. I’ll put a link here of my portfolio and resume. I think I’m missing the community aspect in all this. I really want to get more involved with other fellow developers. Any feedback would be appreciated. :slight_smile:



Hi all :slight_smile:
My name is Abes, I’m from France I’m 30 (soon) :cry: I’m looking for work-mate or pair-programming I do speak english and french. I’m still working on my portfolio right now.

Feel free to add me on discord my nickname is : imadori #4195

Wish you good luck :slight_smile: Hope to hear from you !

Blogging my 100 days of code!

I’m currently a student at the University of Bath, England. Currently pursuing a Computer Science and Mathematics degree, however I wanted to dabble in web development more specifically full stack development. So I am using FreeCodeCamp as a curriculum to teach myself full stack development. Over the summer months I have spent lots of time completing this curriculum, and I have just recently finished my front end certification.

More recently I thought of starting a 100 days of code challenge, alongside this I challenged myself to write a bit about what I did each day, and what occurred during each day. This journey can be read here1.

So if anyone is interested in how to/what happens to people while going through their data visualisation and backend certification please feel free to check it out and give me some tips. Any comments are welcome!

Kind Regards


Hello everyone!

My name is Michael and i’m a Web Developer. I’ve given up on saying Front End because it’s just annoying to specify that every time and very limiting. I use all the front end languages, preprocessors but I also love utilizing PHP and MySQL. I also know a bit about managing servers. Basically I learn what I need to get stuff done. I’m very hard on myself.

I’ve been developing now for 3 years. I kicked off my journey after graduating Community College in 2015 with a comm design degree (not too related). I have not really used FCC over my journey, instead I began on Codecademy, soon moving onto bigger better stuff with Treehouse, Lynda, MDN docs. I’ve really grown a lot and seen a lot of what there is.

I love helping out answering JS questions at CodeCademy but there is really little community outside of a Q/A forums there and would love to participate more around here.

I’m currently in Philly with my wife, looking for work. I enjoy helping others learning to code, it helps me express what I know and more often than not I explain things uniquely to each persons needs.

I’m currently working on an offline admin to help with managing our budget, household, etc. Stuff like tracking stuff as objects in databases, like a vehicle tracking aspects of it individually like when registration is due, last maintanence, and for finances tracking transactions across accounts, individual payments per transaction, etc, etc. Oh and storing login credentials, that has helped a ton! Also I have trouble remembering birthdays so I have a table with everyones info.

Alright glad to meet ya!

Hiya, My name is My I am a returning wannabe coder. Hopefully this time I will actually complete my goals

Hello Everyone my name is Caven i learn computer Science. it’s my first step in coding so i would like to have your advice to learn and develop faster and don 't worry i’ll do my part thanks

Hi all,
I’m very happy to be here right now. I really want to know more about code, especially HTML because I want to create for myself a website. I hope that I can learn and then sharing for the others by the best way.
Coding has been my life and now it is my tools for live.

hey every one!!!
I am Abigail
I am 14 years old
I live in Alabama
I have been coding sense the beginning of the summer

I have nothing special to learn exactly.

I live in Alabama

feel free to pm any time ( some people my hate on this but I want to make friends as well as code)

Hey everyone,
I am Aditya from India and been learning front-end development from FCC for last 2 months.
I supplement my learning with Colt Steels’s Udemy Web Developer Bootcamp.
Even though I have commerce and economics in my college, i wish to learn to code cause its fun and it also enhances my creativity.
I am currrently on ES6 challenges, where i am stuck at the moment .
Happy coding!!

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Hello Luis!

You can check meetups here: http://www.freecodecamplisbon.org

We wait for you mate! :wink:

I’m Cynthia Peter.
A writer and tech-enthusiast, from Nigeria.
I’m learning to code because I want to solve problems and provide solutions to problems in my society.
I am currently learning on this platform(Freecodecamp) and so far, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.
I hope to meet amazing people here.

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Hey everyone!
Just thought I’d post and say I’m excited to be here, and I love the learning format thus far! Thanks to @QuincyLarson for such a phenomenal job building this platform! I’ve always wanted to do coding as a career; so I’m excited to dive in and I’ll be working here full-time until all the challenges are completed.

hey this chethan

I am learning code for my job.
learning code was always fun and thank you for freecode camp to give an chance to share and know more about code

I name is Emuohwo. I somehow new in coding, with some of the basic of HTML5 and CSS. Currently, I am learning Javascript.
I have decided to code because it of the opportunity in it. The area that i really want to perfect is Javascript. I have been on it for over two months now and my goal is to be good at it.

How many Franks in Cleveland are there?

Hello Everyone,
My name is Vinay Kumar and I am a mechanical engineer. I learned to code in my school day using C++, I was pretty good :p. I like to code and solve the problem after completing graduation web development seem good to learn and earn by yourself. I usually do CAD design and looking for a job. I learn first using Codeacdemy, I also try Udemy and other video course but FCC is curriculum is way better to learn.