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hi ,

My name is sumeet, freelance developer, i am here to make new friends, i like talking to people from different cultures, travelling.

Computers was something which i liked since childhood. And tech fascinates me !

My goal is to become an independent freelance developer so that i can travel the world and can live a digital nomad lifestyle !

Currently i am working on android platform !

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Hi there! My name is Luis Febro from Brazil.
I am learning code because I really like solving challenges. I am used to that since in my first internship which I developed some systems for a college but with macros in Excel. I am engaged in learning from front-end to back-end every single day. I discovered this website from a post of a blog about self-taught programmers. I am myself one of them. I have some experience from other programming websites. I am sure here I will find useful knowledge here, too. Especially the community support!

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  • who you are
  • why you’re learning to code
  • how you’ve been learning to code so far

I am Diana.
Learning code to earn my living.
So far I am an intermediate programmer and learning is good. Thanks to freecodecamp and it’s teachers and staff.

I realised I never said hi here. So, Hi!

Or at least I think - too long to check :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I started on Khan Academy, much more hand holding then here - if you have difficulty grasping the basic concepts of JavaScript and html that could be a good place to check, but to learn intermediate and advanced material the hand holding stop and depending on where you want to go next you will need to go somewhere else - like FreeCodeCamp

I have been learning to code in my spare time during my university career, I am studying chemistry, eventually I want to continue with data science on the side, and keep also doing silly things like a rainbow rain simulator.

Hello! im happy being with this forum today.

hi there! how are you guys…

why cant I put my link here?

Hey everyone I’m Stephen and Im learning to code because I wanna make games. I’ve already released 1 game called Space Blitz’d with Gamemaker studio and about to release my first mobile app with unity. I came here to learn html, css, and Java script. So far everything is going great and I’m proud to announce that after only completing the introduction section and watching fcc html video, I scored a 85% on W3Schools Quiz after 1 try. I know I can do better. I really like this site and proud to be a donor! Thank you FCC

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i want to eplore coding skills

Hey welcome! There is a new policy that new users can’t post links on the forum yet. As you make more posts and get involved with the forum more, you will be able to post links soon.

Hi guys, I’m Leo and I’m Italian (I’m living in Barcelona).
I’d like to be more active on this forum to be part of this comunity. I started to learn web development 8 months ago but I’m a slowly learner.
I’m learning coding because seems interesting and challenging, I find smart understand how what we use on a daily basis works.
I’m open to know new people and learn from erveryone.
See you around guys!

I am a 36 year old man who first learned that I enjoy programming in College circa 2000 when part of my Electronics Engineering Technician course included a Introduction to C programming class which I fell in love with. Since that time I had experimented with various languages such as Java, C++, C#, etc… this list goes on. While I was experimenting and learned a good deal of programming enough to pickup any language with ease I never built anything nore could I say I ever “learned” any of those languages as I was only fluent enough to do basic stuff.

I am learning to program Es6, node, Css, Javascript today because I have been approached by a few people who have asked if I build websites and as I begun to experiment I learned how enjoyable it is.

So far I have been learning to code by doing the challenges as part of FCC’s
Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification (300 hours)
which in the beginning was very boring as I am past the beginner phase, as I’ve progressed to the intermediate scripting I am finding the course very fun and challenging. Other ways that I am learning web development is through Wes Bos’s courses on ES6 and node. For those who don’t know who he is or what he does, basically he is a Canadian web Developer, Entrepreneur and teacher who I admire. Anyway I am combining what I learn through Free Code Camp, with materials I’ve purchased.

سلام من کاربر جدید فری کد هستم و خوشحالم که به جمع شما پیوستم.

[Hello, I’m a new freer code user and I’m happy to join you.]

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Hello Everyone
My name is Ankit Ghosh. I am from India.I am 21 years old. I am interested in web development . So, I started learning web development 4 months ago. I think freecodecamp is the best web site to learn

Hey there; it’s me! Muhammad Imam Uddin.
I always love to play with codes, blogging, social media, search engine optimization and many more. I’m familiar with the search engine by my unique keyword ‘imamcu07’. To see my online activities, search with your search engine by ‘imamcu07’ I also love to keep me up-to-date with new technology and innovative creations.

I’m learning SEO & SMM.
I have good knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, WordPress.
I’m also an MCPD
See my HTML Fundamenal Certification
For more details on about me in About imamcu07

  • Who you are
    Hello folks! My name is Guillermo and I’m from Argentina.

  • Why you’re learning to code
    I’ve started to code in high school (I’m 23 now) and I fell in love with this. Nowadays, I’m interested on web programming. My goal is help people in some way creating or coworking in software applications.

  • How you’ve been learning to code so far?
    I have been reading programming books, so I’ve knowledge of data structures (arrays, binary search trees, linked list … ). I’ve been working with ADA 95 but I did the HTML and CSS challenges in this platform. This week I’vs started the Javascript section, it’s difficult to undertand all the stuff but … the practice makes the master.
    Sometimes I help some university partners that are studying programming. I don’t have time to course with them but if I can, I help.

Hi, my name is Lisa, I am learning to be a tester) I decided to study the code, as it will bring me benefits in the future and will allow me to become a useful specialist.
I would be glad to find answers to my questions here and read many new things.

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Am trying this again. My name is Lucienne and I’m an illustrator who wants to learn to code. I was here before a few years ago and hit a bad frustration streak, got employed in something completely unrelated to what I studied for and didn’t look at tutorials for a while. Now I have a day job that makes it easier for me to learn during my free time. Been reading from other free resources like edX and figured I could always come back here. :dizzy: Hola!

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Welcome back! And good luck on your journey! :grinning:

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