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Hi Everyone. Just joined, so I figured I’d say Hello to everyone. What’s up?

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Hello Coding World

My name is Jason. I started FCC on Monday, March 8th. I joined FCC because of wanting to dive deeper into Frontend Engineer/Developer after I finish another program in June 2021.

I grew up in Washington DC, and I’m a major in Associate Applied of Science & Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity/Networking. Thanks be to God for giving me provision & vision to pursue Front-End Engineering/Developer.

I chose this path because of having a desire to learn coding and up my skill level. COVID-19 has put a cap on my career as far as advancement. So far, I’m having a blast learning how to code, and I look forward to the journey ahead.

I’ll probably be back on here asking for help of course :slightly_smiling_face:,
because although I’ve been in the coding neighborhood but I’ve never stayed in it. I’m trying to take advantage of my time wisely, and hopefully come out to a career position in Front End Engineer/Development.

'til next time,
Happily Joyfully Coding everyone!


I am Emile 21 years old trying to learn to code to improve my skills, and hopefully get a job in the tech industry.
I started with freeCodeCamp about 2 months ago… and I am looking for communicating with other learners to support and help each other
have a great journey
peace :heart:

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Continue it bro…
Keep motivated :v:
happy Coding !!!

Hi everyone!

I am Wenda from Indonesia. I am learning to code to become a Backend Software Engineer. I’m joining a 4-month intensive bootcamp online. [redacted link]

Hi, I’m Callie Albert. I’m improving my skills

Hi everyone, my name is Nate.

I want to learn to code because I want to create and immerse myself into the tech world, eventually to be able to get into AI (machine learning / deep learning/ etc.).

I’ve been learning to code by myself through the help of freeCodeCamp’s free curriculum, Google, YouTube, and other free online resources.

This is my first time to be a part of an online community as I don’t really speak to anyone very much, so it’s nice to do this for a change!