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happy Coding !!!

Hi everyone!

I am Wenda from Indonesia. I am learning to code to become a Backend Software Engineer. I’m joining a 4-month intensive bootcamp online. [redacted link]

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Hi, I’m Callie Albert. I’m improving my skills

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Hi everyone, my name is Nate.

I want to learn to code because I want to create and immerse myself into the tech world, eventually to be able to get into AI (machine learning / deep learning/ etc.).

I’ve been learning to code by myself through the help of freeCodeCamp’s free curriculum, Google, YouTube, and other free online resources.

This is my first time to be a part of an online community as I don’t really speak to anyone very much, so it’s nice to do this for a change!

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Gift Maphenye Phasha / aka missmapasekababe
it’s fascinating and i became an enthusiast in coding
trial error, but the marathon continues


Hi all. I’m a new member, starting out looking at HTML and CSS to find my feet. Looking to supplement my existing skillset to allow me to work more closely with other developers in my current career.

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Hello, my preferred name’s MAZ. A young boy wants to learn to code since 2019 and decided that the Front-end journey is what I want.

I’m learning code because since I got into the internet when I was a little kid, I’ve always been interested in computers and ICQ chat system and webpages in the 90s, but I was never interested in data structure and algorithms (I suck at physics so bad), and complex things.

I started at creating videogames using GML then got bored and started learning JS for creating visuals on Khanacadmey website. After a couple of depression moments, high school, and burnouts, I started coding again except I have a “solid” roadmap this time and help and hope. (As long as I’m learning and doing what I’ve learned it’s fine)

Currently, I’m learning JS on freecodecamp and it’s going great so far, missed the IF statements and for/while loops.

var str = "I'm from egypt";
var secondStr = "Nice to meet you!";
console.log("Hello World " + str + " " + secondStr)
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Hello! My name is Chris. I’m located in the USA in California.

I started freeCodeCamp a while ago, I think in 2017, but stopped after a while. I decided to pick it up again after being laid off a couple of months ago due to company restructuring.

A year ago, I learned SQL through a couple of courses on Udemy and was able to apply those skills to my previous job. Now, I’m back to following the curriculum on freeCodeCamp and using LinkedIn Learning to learn additional skills.

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having an issue with pencode while trying to build my project

I passed all the HTML and CSS chalenges. I am blind and I know that many other blind people had experience with freecodecamp.
I am suposed to start building my first project, but I am not able to edit using pencode.
I will be very grateful if someone has 10 minutes to show me how it works?
By the way, I am using Jaws and blind people will know what I mean.
many thanks in advance
Driss Mareoudi

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introducing myself

Hi all,
I am Driss, joined Freecodecamp like 3 monthes ago.
I have a keen interest in coding and I would like to build a career as a developer. I am blind, and I like accessibility on freecodecamp website.
I am also looking for a new student to work with, someone with whom i can exchange information and motivation.

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Hi @drissmareoudi !

Welcome to the forum!

If you are having an issue with codepen, it is best to make a new post and people can assist you there.

You might want to connect with Florian Beijers on twitter. He is a professional developer who is also blind.

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My name is Mauricio Gomes
I am a Office automation engineer and want to learn to develop software programs. But I have no idea from where I need to start.
Long back I did a small course in assembly language programming on 8080. and then I had worked for a short while in programming.

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A good programmer is stubborn. Or a nice way to say that is a good programmer is persistent. It is normal to be frustrated and confused and give up. A good programmer is too stubborn to let that feeling continue. So do not get discouraged.

Well I try to read an entire thread (discussion) before replying but this one is just too big.

I began programming in high school many years ago before it was taught in any university, half a century ago. I first learned FORTRAN but I have not used that since then. I next learned COBOL then joined the United States Army and was a COBOL for the Army. When I got out of the Army programmers were much more in demand than they are now.

I taught myself machine language (assembler) for IBM Mainframe computers and for Intel x86 computers. I have learned many languages. I learned C and C++ on my own. Back in the day before the internet I first learned both Windows programming and Windows Device Driver programming (on my own from manuals; there was no internet) and wrote a printer device driver. It was not successful only because Hewlett Packard developed a newer printer that made the device driver obsolete.

I have been doing much C# lately. I am learning HTML and CSS. I have many ideas for websites and I already have some domain names.

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I joined this community because I was looking for a forum to ask questions about CSS. I did not realize this website is for students; not until after I joined.

Something I consider important is system design. I often see beginners jumping into coding without understanding the benefits of design before coding. Beginners should understand what requirements definition is. College students I believe are properly instructed about that. And employers want developers that can develop designs. They need to be able to meet with non-technical users to get requirements and such.

Something else I know from experience is the difference between new development and maintenance. I think entry-level developers are more likely to get boring and frustrating maintenance work. Am I wrong or do many people getting jobs from here get maintenance positions in the beginning? When I say maintenance I mean someone that modifies and/or fixes code developed by others; sometimes many others.

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HI @SamHobbs !

The forum is not just for students.
You will find all types of developers on the forum.
You can still ask questions about css.

You can make a separate post in the #career section and ask.

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Hey I am Isha Jack from Trinidad, I am studying coding for awhile but I am not sure if front end or coding jobs are high in demand in my country. I will like to learn more so I will know what to learn to become a front end developer because every country have different requirements . Is there anyone from Trinidad here that can help me?

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I am pascal from nigeria.
Because i’m limited without it.
I started with HTML haven’t gone far in it.
Please I need help

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Hi @Pascal01 !

Welcome to the forum!

If you need help with some of the FCC html challenges, then the community would be happy to assist you.

Use the Ask for help button in the challenge and it will generate your code and challenge link and post it to the forum.

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Hello World.

I’m Paul. I’m learning to code to make a career change where I can enjoy financial stability and maybe to work remotely. I would like to become a front end developer. I’ve already learned how to code with HTML and CSS with FCC and some JavaScript on an app called Grasshopper.


Hi @Pascal01, the community is great at assisting you when you need help. What works for me when I get stuck or want to learn something new is to reference online sources such as W3schools and developer.mozilla.org.

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Hey all, I’m Frank. I’m new to the fcc community. I want to learn how to code and I figure if I go through the challenges, I should learn a lot. Looking forward to collaborate with some of you.