Welcome to the 2024 Bad Website Club Bootcamp

New Year’s resolutions are hard. But if your goal for 2024 is to learn some Web Development or JavaScript, we want to help.

The Bad Website Club will be running a free, online, part time bootcamp based on the freeCodeCamp Web Development and JavaScript curricula back to back starting on January 8th.

We’ll offer free live-streamed sessions where we work through some of the freeCodeCamp lessons together. You’ll also get support via the friendly community right here in this subforum.

Course Format

We’ll be running live-streamed lessons where we go over the freeCodeCamp course material and answer your questions live Monday to Friday at 5pm UTC (check here for what time that is where you’re based).

If this time isn’t good for you, the videos of the livestreams will be available any time. We also offer a Discord community to get help when you need it most.

Doing both these courses back to back will be a lot of work – but if you’re up for it, you’re welcome to do that. We’re also happy to have you join us for just one course or a portion of any course.

Just doing the Web Development bootcamp requires no prep, but the JavaScript bootcamp assumes web development knowledge roughly equivalent to the first 2 weeks of the Web Development bootcamp. If you’re comfortable with some HTML and CSS, you should be able to just join us for JavaScript in February.

Bootcamp Schedule

We’ll start with teaching the Responsive Web Design course Monday to Friday from Monday January 8th right through to Wednesday February the 7th.

Then we’ll start teaching the new JavaScript beta curriculum from Monday the 12th of February all the way to April 5th!

This will be an intense 13 weeks, but rest assured that if you put in the time and effort, you’ll learn a lot.

Also, this bootcamp won’t take attendance, there’s no tests, and if you need to take a break, all your work will be saved on the freeCodeCamp platform. Life can get in the way of learning sometimes, and that’s ok! This program is designed to still offer help via the Discord and videos, long after the live instruction is over.

How to Sign Up

There’s no signup process, tests, or application process. But if you want to keep up with what’s happening and when, here’s what you can do:

How to get the most out of this bootcamp:

We think that our learners get the most out of these lessons when they commit to learning a little bit each day.

To make sure you’re remembering what you learn, we optionally suggest keeping a learning journal. And the 100 days of code challenge can be a great way to structure your learning.

Hope to see you soon!


Hello everyone!

My name is Ibrahim. I will be committing to this journey. I look forward to learning and networking along the way.

Wish me luck!


Hello everyone,

I am Suha and new here. I am going to join this journey and improve my front-end skills throughout this bootcamp. And, I would like to thank you Bad Website Club’s team for creating this bootcamp for us.

Wishing you the best of luck!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Taofeeq. I am happy to be part of of this program and I hope to learn new skills from the facilitators of this programme. Thank you.


Hello everyone my name is Raphael from Barbados and I am excited to begin this journey with you. Thank you for this New Year’s present.


Hello everyone!

My name is Jessica and I’ll be joining this bootcamp! I will be taking other college courses so I may fall behind a bit but I’m excited to get started. I’ve been looking for ways to learn and improve my skills so I want to thank BWC for providing this opportunity!


Hello everyone,
My name is Lazar and i will be joining the JavaScript course to further expand my programming knowledge. :grin:

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Hello everyone!

My name is Ruth Boyle. I will be committing to this journey. I look forward to learning and networking along the way.

Happy coding!


Hello everyone,
My name is Khaing and I will be joining the JavaScript course to further expand my programming knowledge.

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Good Day!

Just a newbie here learning html, css and javascript because it’s fun and keeps my mind sharp.

I’ve been doing the Responsive Web Design course alone and I think it’s great that they have this free bootcamp going on.

I’m looking forward to learning along with you all in the next few weeks.

Happy coding everyone! Catch you all soon.


Hello, everyone. I’m excited to learn alongside you during this bootcamp! I have been going through some random web design/development courses on LinkedIn Learning but what I really need is the structure of a bootcamp–I just didn’t have the money to afford one. I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn Web Development and JavaScript consistently as a part of this community.

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Hi everyone, im Jeffrey and im excited to join in to learn about HTM CSS and javascript

Hi every one, Happy to join this community to learn more about JS.

Hello everyone! My name is Lola. Looking forward to making the most of this bootcamp

so bummed I have only just found this but perfect timing as I was looking to do the javascript beta course so will be holding thumbs for Modnay the 12th, thank you so much!

Hello everyone! I’m Kyle. I am a CS student in my second year attending Colorado Technical University Online. I am looking forward to learning more Javascript with you guys and hope to collaborate and discuss many things in the coming weeks. Happy Coding!

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Hello, I’m Amie, a Vet tech and aspiring web developer. I’m a bit late to the party, but am in perfect timing with where I am on the fCC lessons. I am currently stuck on step 90 of the calorie counter exercise, and I’ve read the posts on the forum, but haven’t had any luck yet. :upside_down_face: