What alternatives to heroku hosting do you use?

Heroku has a limit of 5 applications it seems and i already got my heroku account full, partly with my own experimental apps. And even if it weren’t full, it seems i won’t have enough space either way to complete all apps. :confused:

So is there a good alternative to making multiple heroku accounts? I just need a platform from where i can link the app to FCC for the validation …


Heroku has a limit of 5 applications for “unverified” users. To be “verified” you need to provide a credit-card. After that you can add multiple apps and wont pay anything so long as the traffic is not heavy (all my apps are there… rarely are they up so i never got charged).

I don’t like to provide CC information online… however you can checkout https://revolut.com/ (its a pre-paid credit card), i have one and is working fine… all of my online shopping i do with it (and costs me nothing).



Your use case is exactly the one we have got - lots of low traffic services we would like to host for cheap.

To do this we created 1Backend (https://github.com/1backend/1backend), a PaaS you can drop on any cheap hosting provider, or you can use the one hosted by ours: you get a lot of free usage each month, and if you shoot us a mail we can further increase your quota.

Hopefully this will help,


Try search dokku. Its a mini heroku powered by docker. You can use it with any cloud/vps provider, aws/linode etc. Its only suitable for hobby project though.

Try AWS Elastic Beanstalk. It’s quite easy to set up.