What am I doing wrong here? Am I getting the actucal name wrong?

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I just do not understand what i am doing wrong in the .

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var myName = "freeCodeCamp";

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Challenge: Declare JavaScript Variables

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var ourName;

The challenge wants you to declare but not define the variable.

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So like var freeCodeCamp;

Hi @nickersonandrea !

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Not quite.

Please read through the directions again. :grinning:

Use the var keyword to create a variable called myName .

They want you to use the var keyword to create a variable of myName.

If you need more help then please look at the example they gave you.

var ourName;

You see how they used the var keyword to declare a variable called ourName?
You need to do the same thing but use the variable called myName.

Hope that makes sense!

So is it like var ourName; freeCampCode

Opps I meant var ourName = “Freecodecamp”

Your answer should only be two words.
The var keyword and myName.

ourName was just the example.
The challenge wants you to use the myName.

freeCodeCamp should not be anywhere in your code.
Remember that you should only be declaring the variable.
Not assigning a value to it.

Hope that is clearer.

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